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Slightly Moving Productions is the workshop, bench space, darkroom, desktop, sketchboard, graphics tablet, dance floor, editing suite, theatre, orchestra and garden for David Corbet.

Some of the projects that SMP has undertaken are listed below - browse to your hearts content. Some of the projects that SMP is continuing to get involved with are listed on the left.

visit proximity magazine (dance journal published since 1998 by SMP : ISSN 1445-7830)
check out film.slightly.net for short films by David
also, you could read David's tumblelog (current thoughts on dance, technology and medicine!)
email us here (please oh please don't harvest me spam bots)
listen to some of David's music on last.fm (download all you like. linus and cuddlefish too.)

excavate (performance process blog from 2005 of Jacob Lehrer and David Corbet | visit davidandjacob.com for more info)
Still/Live (dance residency blog from July 2006 involving David Corbet, Simon Ellis and Paea Leach)
Crevice (dance/media work development blog from 2007)
Anamnesis (development blog for a new dance film, 2008)
slightlymoving.tumblr (current thoughts on dance, technology and medicine!)

cribrosa (dance film installation project examining peripheral vision, 2008- )
dad.project (ongoing digital flickbook archive created by David Corbet and Simon Ellis)
Still/Live (interactive dance installation work first premiered in Sydney, May 2007)
Crevice (work in development)

Contact Improvisation Calendar (find out what's happening around Australia in the CI community)

websites by smp

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