Residency begins

This blog is a limited documentation of the residency undertaken by Jacob Lehrer and David Corbet, with the assistance of Dianne Reid, at the Australian Choreographic Centre, August 15 - 23, 2005.

This blog is intended to serve as a document for our own reference as well as allowing another entry point into the work we are doing. In part this is inspired by Simon Ellis who is examining ongoing documentation as an integral part of the generative and performance process.

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  1. val smith Says:

    hello david and jacob

    i am very pleased to have been at dancehouse to witness this showing of excavate - thankyou for sharing this work - there was so much in there, and so many potential options of what i could write in response.

    i am excited about the pair of you spending time researching together - a crazy, troublesome, clever, and if not a little scary, combination of boys/men/humans.

    ok, here are a few associative words/thoughts that i wrote down after the showing.. i was very aware of the difference between the david and the jacob, i guess that comes with the territory of the duet, but also reflects the choices being made that night in relation to content and states (movement material, choreography of the whole and parts, psychological/emotional material that emerged, relationship to each other and the audience, and )

    jacob - psychological thriller, childlike characters, disneyland expressions, languid, emotional, competitive, big bad brother, hip socket softness with fine detail, hurting quietly and also sadistic.

    david - the forgiving peacemaker, inwardly objective, warm, physical, passive hands, allowing, objectively observing, patient, bottom.

    on a personal level - i was a little perplexed and slightly disturbed by the play with contacting actions that seemed to be humiliating and uncomfortable (squashing the face etc) i was projecting how it felt i guess… very strong material to watch - emotions arose. this aspect of the performance didn’t seem to have any resolve - i caught glimpses of choreographic shaping, which were stunning - arrangments in space, recurring material etc - but i would have liked more resolution/ sense made out what occured from begging to end.
    more later, gotta go

  2. dc Says:



    fundamental attribution error at work i think


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