When we were planning the residency, Jacob asked us each to bring a favourite novel. Last night we read a short section from our chosen novel to each other. There seemed to be a number of corresponding thoughts and resonances with what we’d unearthed so far in our practise in the studio.

This morning we sat down to compile some of the text and then begin a process of editing it.

Part of our discussion last night, after the day of work, centred around the various aspects of relationship that are exhibited through two performing bodies. Two male bodies. Two physically similar male bodies. Brothers. Mates. Lovers. Father and Son. The same person - two sides of one man. Aggressors. Carers. A reflection of self. The other. A single creature. All of these and more and less being present. Being allowed.

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  1. Dianne Reid Says:

    before I read from “written on the body” (Winterson) I read what I had written a few hours earlier that day after watching D & J in the studio. They just entered into a performance place straight out of a conversation, and suddenly i was the solitary audience to an encounter that was not being “performed” but was hyper-real, was playful but deadly serious, and which after 30-40 rivetting minutes found a gasping resolution that met the closure of the music.
    You don’t see that very often.
    It was one of those handful of exquisite moments that will stay with me…and yet it was at the same time overwhelmingly painful…In front of me flashed every relationship or encounter I have ever had with a man…from the violent and horrific to the tender and sensual. We seldom get to really look at men like this on stage…to hear expectation, disappointment, desire but not in a feminine voice…they felt like kin and also like strangers.

    It was an interesting time and what I wrote reminded me why I spend my holidays in a studio.

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