Uncertainty Argument

“That is, they are mutually exclusive, yet jointly essential for a complete description of quantum (performance) events.”

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  1. Dianne Reid Says:

    meanwhile…in another city (with Eva)

    washing, letting it soak into each cell
    body folds are ravines with rivers of sensation running through them
    memories of specific moments from the past week washing across my vision, my skin, my muscles and pooling in my chest, my throat, behind my eyes, bubbling under my forehead
    strong, deep currents howling a charybdis in my jaw

    scent of a man
    i can taste effort
    and feel supported

  2. val smith Says:

    did you know www.proximity.com.au is a leading provider of creative media asset management and production workflow software?!
    so yeah, ummm
    by the way i’m not responding to any particular section of the excavate website, just going to the first click on thing i saw, am abit confused about where to respond..

    had to log off in a hurry yesterday, so didn’t get time to finish my thoughts or read through what i’d written, hope it sort of made some sense.
    i’ve a reputation for being vague, vague val. mmm maybe there’s something in that..
    ok so anyway - excavate, a two man dig. (cynical dig perhaps?)

    i am aware that some of the material in the dancehouse showing was discovered and developed over time/and performance space, so there is a history involved in the doing and redoing/experienceing of certain material.
    of course the first time audience member may not be aware of this but the extension into the website space and it being interactive, in that we are able to respond is fabulous, i am able to have an ongoing thinking process about the performance i witnessed and what was contained within it. I like it.
    and a final note about the hilariousness of the implications of the projected words/poetry at the end - the association between the …mandible line and the gap in between that and the …you have to worry line… bloody funny. also how that related to the severity-ish of the manipulating the jaw of the Other - i little light relief. loved it.

    thankyou d+j oh my god.. dj , haha.

  3. dc Says:

    hi val,

    thanks for all your comments. i’m glad you got a laugh at the end. we think it’s funny too!

    it’s great to get comments on what people are seeing in the work and that there is another layer forming through our community.

    very good


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