Ainslie Wills and Jordie Lane

March music on its way – Jen is sold out

2018 is already racing away and before you know it, March will be here and with it the first of our Sound Doctor gigs for the year. Whether you’re a fan of powerhouse rock poetry or folk pop bliss, we’ve got two very different shows for your listening pleasure. But the big question is – have you got your tickets?

If the answer is no and you were hoping to catch Jen Cloher then you’re out of luck as all the tickets to her gig on Friday 23 March have been snapped up. If you were wanting to see Ainslie Wills, then there’s still time. Her show on Saturday 24 March still has tickets available – but not for long!

Ainslie Wills Sat March 24 2018

With her beautifully crafted and honestly told stories, Ainslie Wills has gathered an army of lifelong converts at home and internationally. If you’re not one of the many you certainly will be after this stunning performer (with her key collaborator Lawrence Folvig) steals your heart. We’ll let her amazing voice do the talking.

We are super excited to announce that joining the line-up for An Evening with Ainslie Wills is singer-songwriter, folk raconteur Jordie Lane. When Jordie performs live his incredible voice and rhythmic guitar playing seem like they come from another place and another time, add to that his charming onstage presence and we’re in for a great show.

Check out a taste of what Jordie Lane sounds like live.